We often get asked about the language policy in our screenings. Most films in finnish cinemas are projected with the original language dialogue and finnish/swedish subtitles. With some films (e.g. animations) this could be highlighted with the term (orig.) at the end of the film title. If a film is dubbed in finnish it is usually only done with films aimed for child audiences and could be marked with (dub.) or (puhuttu suomeksi) etc.

To better serve our audiences we aim to add the language information in the english descriptions of the films. This is a manual effort at the moment so please be patient. If there is a specific film you are hoping to catch we recommend you also have a look at the selection of films (with english subtitles) available at the website kinot.fi. One cinema can only screen a limited number of titles but as a collaborative network of small independent cinemas we can offer you a fuller selection.

Another piece of advice is to have a look at the programming of film festivals. There are often a number of films suitable for english speaking audiences among festival titles. For further information regarding festival titles please refer to the festival in question.

See you at the Cinema!